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Everyone knows Toyota makes some of the “greenest” cars—the Prius, for example, is one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market and certainly one of the most popular hybrids. But at Watermark Toyota, we’d like to recognize some of Toyota’s other practices that encourage sustainability through philanthropy, working with the government, and collaborations with other businesses.

TogetherGreen Preservation

Toyota’s signature program, TogetherGreen, created an alliance with the National Audubon Society—certainly a leader in American conservation—to support the following projects:

  • Toyota supplies grants for individuals to receive training and perform environmentally friendly projects in their communities.
  • Supports various projects concerning habitat, water supply, wildlife conservation, and energy issues.
  • Encourages people to get out and experience nature in the Exit the Highway Campaign.

Toyota’s five-year partnership with the National Audubon Society has provided them with $23.5 million in support, which is another reason to buy a Toyota and invest in our planet’s future.

Environmental Commitment

Toyota is a world leader in raising industry standards for environmentally friendly practices, and at Watermark Toyota, we’re happy to support this philosophy. Toyota and its dealerships work together toward a future where vehicles and the environment don’t have to be at odds, and where society as a whole benefits from this harmony. Toyota has worked to create vehicles with a smaller environmental footprint, and Watermark Toyota has developed greener ways to promote these vehicles. That helps environmentally responsible consumers get behind the wheel of environmentally responsible cars.

Leading the Way on Emission Standards

Concerned with rising greenhouse gas emissions, Toyota has worked with the U.S. government and other automakers in 2009 on One National Program, which helped foster goals across a newly unified automotive industry. This project ensured American consumers receive accurate and honest information about emission ratings. Watermark Toyota is proud to carry a wide variety of vehicles that live up to this standard and even boast the best fuel economy in their class.

Environmentally Friendly at All Levels

Lastly, Toyota provides guidance and instruction to their various partners. In their outreach program, they’ve counseled dealerships and suppliers in the following areas:

  • Ensure dealerships meet LEED efficiency standards.
  • Programs have reduced waste from partners and dealerships by 43,000 pounds and increased recycling to 5.1 million pounds.
  • Enact water conservation programs at dealerships nationwide.

By focusing on the environmental impact of cars, businesses, and individuals, we at Watermark Toyota believe we can ensure our Planet Earth will be as green in the next generation as the one before us. And we can’t think of a more important goal than sustainability for our future.

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