How Many Miles Between Oil Changes?

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You and your car have been through many exciting adventures together, and you still have lots more to look forward to. Exploring the streets near Madisonville, Owensboro, and Henderson, Kentucky, is made better and safer with proper maintenance on your vehicle. One service that you’ve undoubtedly come across before is the oil change, but how often should you be getting this done?

Have you ever found yourself wondering: How many miles are between oil changes? Then, we’re here to help you. How often you should change your oil depends on a variety of factors, and this guide will help you learn more. The service experts at Watermark Toyota of Madisonville are here to make sure your car is taken care of. Read on to see how!

What Does Motor Oil Do?

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Motor oil is an essential fluid that courses throughout the heart of your car—the engine block. The first important job for your oil is lubrication. There are many metallic parts moving throughout your engine, and can grind together without fresh oil, which will result in increased wear and tear. Oil keeps things moving smoothly, minimizing this metallic impact. This keeps your engine in good health for much longer.

Second, oil helps disperse your engine’s heat throughout the engine block. Generating the power to move a car forward lets off tons of heat and keeping it all in one place runs the risk of overheating in essential parts of your engine. When fresh oil is present in your engine, it carries the heat evenly throughout the engine.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

As you drive, dirt and other debris particles will enter your engine. It is then absorbed by the oil, causing it to get dirty. Dirty oil does a worse job at both lubrication and heat displacement, meaning that having fresh oil in your engine is vital to its performance. That’s why it’s important to change out dirty fluid for clean oil at regular intervals.

The frequency of your oil changes depends on the type of oil your car takes. Synthetic or partially synthetic blends can last longer than traditional motor oils before needing to be changed. Your first source for information on vehicle maintenance should be your model’s owner’s manual, which will give the recommended oil type as well as change frequency.

Assuming you have a car that uses typical motor oil, you can anticipate changing your oil every 5,000 miles. This frequency covers your typical driving habits.

Heavy-Duty Driving

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There are some conditions that will have you in need of more frequent oil changes. Putting your engine through serious overclocking will lead to more stress on its parts, including your oil. If you find yourself driving in these conditions, speak to a technician about more frequent oil changes.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Unstable roads (gravel, dirt, mud, etc.)
  • Towing/hauling

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As you get ready for your next drive near Madisonville, Owensboro, and Henderson, KY, be prepared with fresh oil. Contact the service experts at Watermark Toyota of Madisonville and schedule your next service visit today!

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